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UNTITLED DAD PROJECT is one writer’s meta-narrative quest to tell her own story and reckon with her Dad Character.

Janielle has never known the story of why her dad wasn’t in her life.

Once she gets his email address and decides to reach out (now things are getting interesting…) he is declared dead on her birthday (weirdly on-the-nose), and she discovers no one in his life knew she existed (…wtf is this soap opera?!).

In lieu of emotional closure, Janielle begins a four-year quest for narrative closure – she decides to face her fears, put on her writer’s hat, and do the immensely creative work of telling her own story.

Enlisting the help of a director and a slew of guest experts, she attempts to become her own protagonist, understand her Dad Character, learn her own “fatal flaw”, embrace a new genre, reverse- engineer a third-act climactic emotional breakthrough, all as a desperate reach to turn her unexpected plot-twist into a meaningful resolution.

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